The Camel Estuary in Art 1 / 7 / 2016

Melanie McDonald's painting of the Camel Estaury

How do we even describe the beauty of our beloved Camel Estuary? This month we thought we would show you the beauty of this lovely area through the medium of art. As you can imagine Cornwall is quite a magnet for the creative soul. There are no shortage of views to paint, and that famous light has been drawing (excuse the pun) artists for decades.

We have collected together a few works of art that capture the varied and stunning landscape that is the Camel Estuary. The name ‘Camel’ comes from the Cornish meaning ‘the crooked one’ a reference to the rivers winding course. The river actually covers 30 miles and is popular for sailing and bird watching – or just gazing!

The first painting is by local artist Melanie McDonald. She splits her time between Cornwall and France and has a real knack for capturing light.

painting of the Camel Estaury by Alan Tyers

This painting is by Alan Tyers, born in Coventry in 1944, he won a full time place in the School of Art at the age 13. His painting shows the ‘camel’ aspect of the river.

Alan Caswell of Rock Road Galelry painting the Camel Estaury

In quite a different style, Rock Road Gallery’s Alan Caswell creates the impression of light, waves and the power of nature.

Lin Williams Camel Estaury

Lin Williams draws with beauty and energy, working in pastels mostly. You really get the impression of a changing river – which being tidal it really is.

Myles Oxenford camel estuary

Myles Oxenford paints with conviction! Born in Plymouth and now living in Cornwall, we love the bold colours and especially the fresh greens.

Saul Cathcart painting of the Camel Estaury

Finally a bursting landscape from Saul Cathcart. Saul paints in such a way you can feel the scope. The beautiful colours are barely contained on the canvas and leave us wanting more!

We hope you have enjoyed this artist’s look at the stunning Camel Estuary, a perfect place in Cornwall to holiday.

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