Spring on the Farm 13 / 5 / 2014

lambs at rooke cottages

We are now well into Spring and life is very busy on the farm! The weather has been warming up nicely and just like the rest of Cornwall, our cottages are looking fresh and bright. The flowers along the coastline are stunning this time of year, and this year especially it seems there are carpets of colour everywhere. With the bright blue sea as a background it really is a spectacular sight when exploring the North Cornish coastline.

We have been kept very busy on the farm with the lambing season and now we have just a few of the flock left to lamb. This year we have had several triplets which has meant supplementing them with bottles, but all seem well and healthy.

Our three Buff Orpington chickens who were laying us three eggs a day up to about three weeks ago have now decided to go broody, but luckily there are plenty of places to buy lovely fresh eggs in the village!

Honeysuckle Cottage bathroom has had a total makeover. Now with a large walk in shower, all re-tiled and with new mood lights adding that wow factor. All our cottages are looking lovely, ready to welcome you on your Cornish holiday.

And our final bit of news, Hooch our hound has just celebrated his 10th birthday and continues to be very fit and healthy, especially when running around the farm! You can see him here next to our new signs.


Hooch the dog and new sign



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