September Wildlife 2 / 9 / 2015

Spot seals in Spetember on the Cornish coast

It is a beautiful September day today! The weather is undecided with bursts of golden warmth coupled with reminders that Autumn is here with a brisk breeze revitalising air. There is so much of Cornwall to discover this month. The schools are heading back so the county is a little quieter, and the light is warm and romantic, the perfect time to explore all Cornwall has to offer!!

It is a great time to look out for wildlife, with gardens up and down the county boasting beautiful blooms and the wild moors and vast farmland. Look out for the humble dormouse, at this time of year they are busy fattening-up ahead of their long Winter hibernation. They are nocturnal, spending most their waking hours climbing among tree branches in search of fruit, insects, nuts, flowers and pollen.

Or take to the seas and explore the bounty of our marine wildlife. Numbers are still good as we move into Autumn, you can see a wide variety of sea life and birds. Check out the gannets and storm petrels. In the water temperatures are still warm so you could see dolphins, basking sharks and the recently born western grey seals as they come out to play!

Plenty to see and plenty to do! We look forward to welcoming you this Autumn.

Image from Classic Sailing.

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