Daymer Bay and St Enodoc church 4 / 2 / 2014

St Enodoc church, Barry Turner

Another great place to visit on the north coast of Cornwall is Daymer Bay, a real family friendly beach.

Nestled in the scenery behind the sandy beach is St Enodoc church. Parts of this church date back from the 12th century. Its quite a wonder as to why it is situated here, all on its own. The sand dunes have tried over the years to take the church back. From the 16th – the 19th Century the Vicar and the parishioners had to climb in a hole in the roof the church was so buried! It is thought the church could have been built on this site because it was where Saint Enodoc lived as a hermit in a cave. Perhaps the stunning view made up for the chilly living conditions!

Within the graveyard a well loved Poet is buried, Sir John Betjeman. He had a real fondness for this spot and even penned a poem in it’s honour:


Come on! Come on! This hillock hides the spire,
Now that one and now none. As winds about
The burnished path through lady’s-finger, thyme,
And bright varieties of saxifrage,
So grows the tinny tenor faint or loud
All all things draw toward St. Enodoc.
Come on! Come on! and it is five to three.

Still, Come on! come on!
The tinny tenor. Hover-flies remain
More than a moment on a ragwort bunch,
And people’s passing shadows don’t disturb
Red Admirals basking with their wings apart.
A mile of sunny, empty sand away,
A mile of shallow pools and lugworm casts.

Safe, faint and surfy, laps the lowest tide.


This beautiful picture is by Barry Turner. He really captures the dramatic sky, showing that you don’t need a clear blue day to appreciate the beauty of this area.

The rolling green landscape is now the home to St. Enodoc golf course, and is well situated to take in the stunning view. The course is set to host the English Women’s Amateur Championship in July 2014.

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