Cornish Yarg Cheese 6 / 5 / 2015

Cornish Yarg

This month we thought we would bring you a Cornish favourite, Cornish Yarg cheese. With a lemony creamy taste this lovely cheese is wrapped in wild nettle leaves that are foraged in the Cornish countryside between the months of May and September. But don’t worry when cooked stinging nettles loose their sting and add a delicious taste to the delicate cheese.

Nettles have been used for years for many health complaints, from skin conditions to arthritis and are known for their anti-inflammatory qualities. They have the added benefit of being rich in vitamin A and C.

The cheese was first made in 1983 and the name itself comes from the first cheesemaker Mr Gray and is a reversal of his name!

The yummy cheese takes 5 weeks to mature. You can find a delicious recipe for Nettle and Cornish Yarg bread at Lynher Dairies Cheese Company’s website.

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