Cornish Christmas Food 2 / 12 / 2016

Cornish Christmas turkey

December is here and our beautiful county is dusted in a thick helping of frost. Perfect weather to take to the kitchen and create all those delicious foods we associate with Christmas. Like the rest of Great Britain, Cornish Christmas food is full of special spices, alcohol and the best ingredients. We have collected together a few recipes to get those tastes buds tingling!

You can’t forget the humble sprout, a divisive veg but with a little love and flare you’ll have people hankering after more. The Cornish Sea Salt Company have a tantalizing recipe which uses spiced sausage meat.

For the turkey, you can’t go wrong with a recipe from Cornwall’s Fifteen, headed up by Jamie Oliver. Their website shares delicious recipes for the Perfect Turkey with Clementines, or the slightly unusual  Cornish Fish Stew with Crab and ‘Ndjua Toast! I like the sound of the Toffee Apple Ham, mm.

Before Christmas, down the West of Cornwall we celebrate Tom Bawcock’s Eve on December 23rd. Here the famous Stargazey pie is served. While it looks wonderful, I am never too sure about the fish heads! But if you fancy a go at a real Cornish classic, try this from Recipes from a Cornish Kitchen.

Delicious! We love a Cornish Christmas, and from all at Rooke Cottages we wish you all the best of this festive season.

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