Barn Owls at Rooke Cottages 1 / 4 / 2014

barn owl looking forward

In 1935 it was estimated there were 12,000 pairs of breeding Barn Owls in Britain. A recent survey reveals a decline in numbers to an all time low of only 1,000 breeding pairs in the whole of the British isles.

The reduction in numbers is due to several factors, the decline in rough pasture, limiting there ability to catch field voles, their staple diet, the weather conditions we have had over the past few years, and the lack of nesting places like old redundant buildings and barns.


Barn owl perched on fence


It is apparently a rare sight to see a barn owl in its wild environment today. Here at Rooke we are lucky to have had a pair of breeding owls year after year. it’s a frequent sight to see this silent beautiful bird out on the wing, flying low over the meadows around the cottages hunting for its favourite food.

Our nesting box in the old barn has fledged many young and it’s great to watch the web cam from the comfort of your cottage capturing the comings and goings of these incredible creatures. It’s very addictive TV especially when the young owlets start to get inquisitive and pop there little funny faces out of the box for the first time!

We are doing our best to encourage all the right elements at Rooke Farm to increase the Barn Owl population and would love to share this experience with you too.

Our beautiful hide away is not just well suited to holiday makers but it seems a happy spot for wildlife too!

Pictures from The Barn Owl Trust

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